Board Member

Steven Landry


Mr. Landry has over 30 years of management and leadership experience living and working in four different countries in the wholesale & retail automotive industry and energy industry space. 

Mr. Landry was President Chrysler Europe in Brussels and CEO DaimlerChrysler Canada and EVP of Chrysler North America in Detroit responsible for Sales & Marketing and Parts & Service and Business Development. During this time , Mr. Landry was also in charge of Global Electric Motors USA and Chair of the National Automotive Council of Canada.

As head of the ATCO Australia Group, Mr. Landry was responsible for the acquisition of the largest natural gas distribution network in Western Australia with over 620,000 customers along 12,800 km of natural gas pipeline. Soon after back in Calgary, Mr. Landry and team created ‘ATCO Energy’ – first on-line only direct natural gas and electricity retail store for homes.

As CEO of AutoCanada with 62 Dealerships, 60k new and used vehicle sales per year and $3.1B revenue, Mr. Landry led the acquisition of 15 new vehicle Automotive Dealerships as well as the development of an on-line digital platform to allow customers to choose between any combination of on-line and showroom experience.

Mr. Landry has been a past member of the Board of Governors of Saint Mary’s University and University of Windsor and achieved his Bcomm from Saint Mary’s University and an MBA from Michigan State. Steven has also been a past board member of several private and public boards and currently serves as a board member of DealerShop Inc in Michigan.


Mike Young

Advisor, Capital Markets

Michael is the founding partner of Cottingham Capital.

He began investing in Nashville real estate in 2014 after identifying Nashville for both long term growth and a value against other U.S. real-estate markets.

Michael has extensive senior level executive management and trading experience in the Canadian and U.S. capital markets.

Throughout his career in finance and banking, he has built a strong network of Canadian, American, and international investors.

Prior to moving to Nashville, he was Managing Director and Co-Head of Trading for a Canadian Investment Bank.

Before assuming the title of Co- Head of Trading, he established and ran the Equity Capital Markets desk for the bank’s U.S. operations in New York City.

Michael also sat on the board of ICC Labs, which was recently acquired for C$290 million by Aurora.

Michael was also a founding share holder and board member of Nuuvera. Nuuvera was also acquired for C$550 million in 2018.

Michael is as well a founding shareholder and Chairman of Better Choice Company. Better Choice Company is a publicly listed company in the United States that invests in the animal health and wellness industry.


Young Bann


Mr. Bann has 30 years of management and business development experience. 

In the first 15 years, Mr. Bann developed a career in global management consulting firms, such as Booz.Allen & Hamilton, Accenture, and IBM.

Mr. Bann was appointed as a lead consultant for Samsung Electronics Mobile Phone Business Division to contribute it to become global #1 brand in competitive global markets.

During the second 15 years, Mr. Bann furthered his career as a business leader for both global and Korean conglomerates. 

He served as a corporate executive in General Electric, and CEO of Hyundai Materials, an affiliated company of Hyundai Motor Group.

He worked for General Electric Power Business Division to win back #1 market share for it’s Gas Turbine fleets in North Asia by winning $265M of orders from global clients during severe market downturn. 

Mr. Bann received a MBA from the University of Chicago.

Kelvin Lee


Kelvin has over 15 years of extensive financial management experience with publicly traded companies.

He is formerly CFO of Freeman Gold Corp. and prior, had progressively senior roles from Corporate Controller, VP Finance and Administration to Chief Financial Officer for a TSXV listed gold producer with $400 million in revenue over 9 years.

He also held prior Controller positions in the mining industry with various publicly traded companies, including Prodigy Gold Inc., which was acquired for $340 million.

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